. . . for Banks & Other Lending Institutions
  • call back to applicant within 24 hours of contact
  • quick scheduling of inspections
  • appraisals researched, written and returned with the utmost speed
  • clear and accurate preparation of appraisals, using a network of sources
  • immediate communication regarding problems or difficulties
  • assurance of prompt, courteous response in issues of follow up
  • total client-contact confidentiality

    . . . for Attorneys-at-law
  • availability of expert witness in tax certiorari
  • testimony and input in matters such as insurance, marital disputes and partial interests
  • maximum discretion and confidentiality
  • guaranteed timeliness in scheduling of appointments
  • ongoing, complete communication at all levels of contact
  • meticulous attention to detail in the preparation of appraisals
  • polite, punctual follow up procedures

    . . . for Real Estate Brokers
  • assistance with preparation of listings
  • help with recalcitrant listers
  • input with clients unsure of property value
  • professional-courtesy seminars to discuss current market conditions
  • accurate house measurement and market comparison guideline
  • under 24 hour call back to homeowners
  • scheduling of appointments as soon as possible, based on applicants availability
  • continuing contact with both the applicant and the broker
  • professionally researched and prepared appraisals, using a varied network of resources
  • follow up information and materials prepared and presented promptly and concisely

    . . . for Private Individuals
  • expert relocation appraisals
  • an extensive list of lending institutions for which Goldman Appraisal Service is approved
  • determination of home or property's true, current market value
  • confidential, impartial estate and tax planning
  • valuable information towards making an up or down home purchase
  • PMI Removal
  • Tax Grievance
  • *** Approved FHA Appraiser ***
    CHUMS # 4500000695

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