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Who we are

Gerald Goldman has been at this for almost 40 years now. It is his second career but has earmarks of the first one in that he feels a sense of mission. His Master's degree from Adelphi is in social work and he worked in the field for 20 years. He dabbled in real estate and found that there was a need for honest, objective, unbiased valuation. This was long before "appraiser bias" became a buzzword.Today the social implications of unbiased appraising that Gerry recognized early on are guideposts for the industry.

So, in 1990, working with a sense of purpose he founded Goldman Appraisal Service Inc. He worked with the Appraisal Institute, and achieved SRA status. He built the business through diligence and hard work. Consistent with his vision, he has worked as a mentor to many young appraisers, training and inspiring them to be the best they can be.

Gerald Goldman

President and Founder of Goldman Appraisal Service Inc.

With a quick eye and an amazing attention to detail, Gerry continues to mentor the young appraisers in his orbit. He has an amazing memory to recall the history of different projects and related properties. His care and consideration are stamped on every report we issue.
An avid golfer you might see him on the links between Westchester and Albany.

Katherine Downes

Katherine is a relative newcomer to the Hudson Valley and fell in love with the place overnight.

The daughter of an SRA appraiser from Maryland, she has been been writing and reviewing appraisals for almost 10 years. Licensed in NY since 2020, Katherine is the future as well as the present of Goldman Appraisal Service.

When she is not appraising she is out in nature. An avid hiker, camper and skier, she knew what she was doing when she decided to move here. If you see her walking Jude, be careful - he might just lick you to death.

Diana Wierl

Apparently a little camera shy, Diana sent Lewy to her camera shoot. She's not shy in the field, though. Diana is our Go-To in Orange County.

A certifed residential appraiser, Diana has deep roots here. When she's not measuring up a new construction of a custom designed contemporary home, you might find her fishing in the lakes and rivers of Sullivan county, chasing her bag limit of salmon in Monroe county, or rolling on the rug with Lewy or her grandchilden.

Alexis Bacon

Alexis Bacon is very familiar with the area, having lived and worked in and around Orange, Dutchess and Ulster counties for more than 10 years. Our newest NYS Licensed Appraiser Assistant comes to the task of home evaluation with the same attention to detail and process that he used as Head Brewer in a local Hudson Valley brewery. He is passionate about continuous learning, which makes his shift to appraising a smooth transition.

At work, Alexis is excited to master his skillset in valuation services with Goldman Appraisal Service. During the weekend, he's adventuring around the Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountains, attempting to spot a Great Horned Owl, or find his next favorite sushi spot.

Emily Halstein

Without someone dotting the t's and crossing the i's no company stays afloat for long, 'cause no job's complete til the paperwork's done.

Emily has her eye on the numbers. She started in the office in 2003 as the bookkeeper and has been working those numbers ever since. Raising her children was first priority at that time so she only worked on a part time basis with a few clients. Once the children were in school full time, Emily started taking on other clients and soon decided the time was right to expand her practice and took the next step by forming JEM Accounting Solutions, Inc.
Now a grandmother of 6 precious angels , Emily has her hands full taking care of her dad, household, babysitting and playing with the puppies, Penelope and Tucker.

The Office

Our Office in Uptown Kingston

Here in the office we do all the preliminary research and determine the type of appraisal needed. Projects are assigned to the appropriate appraiser in the field. Paul Stupple wrangles the paperwork, schedules inspections and coordinates with our remote appraisers. Drafts are sent back here and every report is reviewed by Gerry's experienced eye.

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We are always on the lookout for new talent. If you have a passion for this work and are looking for a team to work with, our office can help. You do the appraising, we'll take care of the office work. Contact us at the addresses below.